Elevated blinds
to extend your
hunting season

Don’t let the freezing cold cut your hunting days short.

Elevated hunting blinds keep you comfortable (and concealed) all season long. So you can stay out in the woods and tag that late-season buck.

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A hunting blind hidden behind trees
A deer


hunting days

to last

Nothing but good days of hunting

Hunting days are often cut short due to the wind, cold, rain and snow. But harsh winter weather doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying more time outdoors.

With a solid wood construction, double-wall insulated fiberglass roof and carpeted floors, all it takes is a small space heater to keep you comfortable all winter long.

Are you ready to spend more time enjoying nature?

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Nothing but good days of hunting

Features of the blind

Seamless Fiberglass Dome Style Roof


LP® SmartSide® Weatherproof Siding


Eight Sliding Windows for 360° Views


Lockable Front Door Entry

Stay invisible to big bucks

Features of the blind stand

Pockets Made to Receive 4’x4’ Posts (PT Lumber Stands)


Metal Stand Legs Adjustable from 8’-11’


8’,10’ or 12’ Tower Stand (PT Lumber)

Stay invisible to big bucks

Disappear into the wilderness with an elevated hunting blind that conceals your sights, scents and sounds.

Hides movements

The last thing you want is a buck catching your movements and bolting. Tinted windows with hidden sandbag pulleys allow you to draw your bow or firearm completely undetected.

Contains scent

As bucks mature, they get better at recognizing scents – especially which ones to avoid. Trap your scent in the blind and outsmart the big ones.

Keep you quiet

Closed blinds with carpeted floors and optional egg crate walls offer excellent noise suppression. Meaning you can move around and chat without startling the deer.

Shared experiences with family and friends

There’s nothing like early mornings in the deer blind to bring you closer together. The comfort and concealment of elevated blinds offer the perfect way to make memories with loved ones – without spooking your trophy buck.

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Shared experiences with family and friends

The inside of the blind

Sliding windows with hidden sandbag pulleys won’t startle deer


Interior Ammo Table with Cup Holders


5’x5’ or 6’x6’ Interior Floor Space (6’6” Standing Room)


Carpeted Floors for Sound Dampening and Comfort

high quality and built to last

Enjoy your hunting blind for years to come with the highest quality exterior grade materials.

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A pressure-treated lumber
Pressure-treated lumber and powder-coated metal legs won’t rot or corrode with ground contact
The inside of the siding floors
LP® SmartSide® weatherproof siding and floors withstand the most extreme outdoor environments
A detailed shot of the roof
Pitched fiberglass roof won’t leak or build condensation inside the blind
Detail of the blind's legs and ladder
Elevated blinds don't touch the ground and won't deteriorate from water and mud

build by hunters for hunters

You aren’t the only one who loves spending time in the woods.

8-Point Blinds are designed by hunters, for hunters. And our goal is simple: to help you make the most of your hunting seasons for years to come.

8 point blinds' stand at the Great American Outdoor show


I purchased two 6 foot 8 point blinds from good old Amos at G C sheds. These blinds are game changers. I got the 8 to 11 ft metal adjustable stands and they are the best stands I've ever encountered. They are easy to assemble and unbelievably sturdy. I assembled one of them on the side of a hill and it was easy to level. The downhill side legs are fully extended to 11ft and there is no wobble at all. I got the blinds in kit form , not fully assembled. The blind pieces were well labeled and the quality of the manufacturing is A1. All the screws are pre inserted and just need to be driven in. It took about 4 hours to put together but a lot of that time was transporting 2 or 3 pieces at a time to our remote location via UTV through 2 creeks a half mile from the drop spot. If you are in the market for a high end hunting blind, these are for you. 5 out of 5 stars! Great job by Amos and his crew.

Scott Piotroski
Lancaster, PA

I spotted these blinds at an outdoor show and decided it would make the perfect gift for my hubby. It was a pleasure working with 8 Point from start to finish!

My husband is thrilled with his blind. everything was handled expediently and professionally. I never even left my home. I place my order, scheduled delivery, and tracked progress, all through email. The guys set up the blind and realized the drink console was missing. A week or two later, it arrived at my door in a shipped package.

Thanks to Amos and his crew for an amazing experience!

Melissa Sutton
Lancaster, PA

I recently purchased a 6ft hunting blind with an 8ft stand. Very roomy and perfect for 2 people, Customer service was great! The craftsmanship and easy assembly is amazing on these blinds.

Happy hunting!

New Holland, PA

My wife and I bought an 8 Point Blind here back over winter and recently set it up which was a breeze. We used a skid steer to hold it up while we assembled it on our 13 acres in Franklin County.

It's obvious the guys at 8 Point Blinds paid attention to detail as there is carpet in the blind to conceal noise, the construction is heavy duty, and the overall appearance of the stand is very appealing.

We have two sons under the age of 6 that we are looking to bring along on our hunts and this will be the perfect way to introduce them to hunting. I know the noise will be kept to a minimum inside the blind and we will be able to hunt longer in comfort.

We highly recommend customers looking for blinds to give the guys a call at 8 Point!

Ian Groh
Lancaster, PA

The perfect blind for your property

Choose from a 5’ x 5’ or 6’ x 6’ elevated blind (both sizes have 6’6” interior standing room).

Tower stands include legs and ladder into the blind and come in pressure-treated lumber or powder-coated metal.

PT lumber stands are available in 8’, 10’ and 12’ heights. Stand pockets receive 4x4 posts. Metal stands have individual telescope legs that are adjustable from 8’ - 11’ for setting up on a hill.

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The perfect blind for your property

2 sizes of the blinds next to each other

Better hunting days in four steps

Step 1

a dealer

Enter your zip code to find the closest dealer.

Step 2

your blind

Select your blind size and tower stand.

Step 3

Set up
your blind

Easily install your blind on your property.

Step 4

Extend your

Spend more time out in the woods.

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Your first two seasons are on us

To ensure your total satisfaction, all 8-Point Hunting Blinds come with a full, two-year manufacturer’s warranty. If any part of your blind fails in that time, we’ll make it right on our cost.

2 seasons warranty badge

Built for 50 years in the woods

Built to resist hail, wind, moisture, fungal decay and termites, LP® SmartSide® siding and floors come backed by a limited 50-year SmartSide® warranty.

50 years warranty badge

A better hunting experience

When all you want is to get out into the woods, the biting cold and wet weather can be a major disappointment. But it doesn’t have to be.

8-Point Elevated Hunting Blinds are built for better hunting days. They’re specially designed for both comfort and concealment letting you stay out late to tag the big one.

Plus, as an Amish owned and run company, your blind is built to last. And you can count on the highest-grade materials and craftmanship to keep you in the woods for years to come.

So whether you want solitude in the woods, bonding time with family and friends, or simply the chance to draw out your hunting days when others have called it quits, check out 8-Point Hunting Blinds. And whatever you do, don’t wait, because your next hunting season is right around the corner.

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